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Team Davenport Southwest Florida Home Construction Company

Captiva, Florida       Phone:  239.340-9334


Florida Island Style Home Building Construction
Captiva, Florida    Phone:  239.340.9334


Team Davenport Inc.
3190 Aloe St.
Punta Gorda, FL 33982
Phone: 239-340-9334

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Construction Services

Residential & Commercial Construction: Design/Build
Construction Management
Green Builders
Restorations, Renovations, Additions, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Custom Woodwork
Landscape Design and Construction
Barge Services & Garbage Handling

Island Home Construction Marco Island FL

Island Home Builders Sanibel Island FL

Construction Fort Meyers Florida

Island Home Construction Captiva Island FL

Construction Punta Gorda Florida

Southwest Florida Construction Services

Residential & Commercial Construction: Design/Build  |  Construction Management 
Green Builders  |  Restorations, Renovations, Additions, Kitchen & Bath Remodeling 
Custom Woodwork  |  Landscape Design and Construction  |  Barge Services & Garbage Handling

For more than 25 years, Team Davenport has been building homes exclusively for residents of Charlotte County and the barrier islands of Lee County, Florida. We are a state certified general contracting firm that specializes in island and island style home designs and construction, including remote, self-sufficient, off the grid solar powered luxury homes. Our services include locating the right site, planning and designing the home that fits your budget and reflects your taste and character, installing the right finishes, moving in your furnishings and setting up your home to live in with linens, dishes and electronics.

Team Davenport, one of the area's leading construction managers, has significant commercial and multi-family project experience. Our portfolio of projects includes everything from restaurants and restaurant refurbishing and remodeling to five story concrete structured condominium projects. Our well-qualified team of professionals is skilled in construction management of all types and is able to accommodate your specific project criteria. BACK TO TOP

Team Davenport takes pride in being "as Green as you want us to be!" Our 25 plus years of experience building almost exclusively on the barrier Islands of Lee County has given us the opportunity to use "Green" products and practices on our projects. We are knowledgeable in designing and building homes that are energy-efficient, utilize renewable resources and, in many cases, are powered off the grid through the use of solar power, which is more capable and cost effective than ever. Homes built and powered off the grid with solar power have all the same luxuries you would expect from any other custom home, including air conditioning with individual room temperature control. Utilizing free Florida sunshine frees you from an electric bill at the end of each month.  BACK TO TOP

Team Davenport is the area's leading restoration specialist. Our services include single family home additions, remodeling and home repairs. Certified by the state of Florida as a class A General Contractor and Roofing Contractor, and licensed in Home Inspections and Mold Remediation, we regularly attend continuing education classes and product seminars. We are current with the latest techniques, regulations and products for new home construction, remodeling and renovating, home service and repair. We are the barrier islands' leader for installing new roofs, new impact resistant windows, doors and exteriors including railings and decks, water restoration, mold remediation, home maintenance and inspections. BACK TO TOP

Team Davenport craftsmen have extensive backgrounds in carpentry and custom woodwork, including working with solid hardwood or engineered wood flooring, building oak stairways and docks and creating custom made cypress moldings and interior railings for balconies.

Taking great pride in our skill and experience, we work with all types of materials and wood species, in many cases making our own interior moldings when the species of wood or necessary moldings are not readily available. BACK TO TOP

Team Davenport provides complete landscaping design, land clearing and construction. People are drawn to Charlotte County and the Lee County barrier islands by the lush tropical native vegetation that is found on most building sites. We take great care in designing and placing your home on your site in such a way as to protect and make the best use of the desirable existing native vegetation. This adds to the natural tropical ambiance, eliminates the need for irrigation and greatly reduces maintenance expenses.

When additional landscaping is desired, we are also able to accomplish the same low maintenance and minimal irrigation through Xeriscaping, the environmental design of land using various methods for minimizing the need for water use. BACK TO TOP

Team Davenport provides transportation of all essential services and items to the bridgeless barrier islands of Lee County, Florida.

Barge transport services Barge delivery services
  • land clearing
  • dock building
  • septic pumping
  • well drilling
  • pile driving
  • pick-up and removal of solid waste and construction debris
  • propane
  • building materials
  • equipment
  • furniture and appliances and installation of household necessities

Our barge has a custom-designed 20'X50' steel hull, built specifically for our unique location. Four stroke outboard motors mounted on hydraulically operated jack plates enable it to haul more weight through shallower water than other barges. The vessel is cost effective and fuel efficient and is extremely quiet even when operating fully loaded in sensitive areas such as the aquatic preserves that make up Pine Island Sound and its surrounding areas. Our primary goal is to leave the protected aquatic vegetation and marine life undisturbed for residents and visitors who live and travel here to enjoy the natural beauty.

In addition, the fiberglass all weather wheel house allows us to operate safely and dependably in almost any weather. The vessel is capable of safely transporting approximately 35 tons of whatever your project needs in one trip.

The Team Davenport barge landing site is located on the beautiful and pristine North Captiva Island, directly behind the world famous Barnacle Phil's harbor restaurant. From this central Lee County bridgeless barrier island location, we can efficiently provide transportation for what you need, when you need it, to or from North Captiva, Cayo Costa Island, Cabbage Key, Ussepa, Pine Island and Boca Grande. BACK TO TOP


 Licensed and Insured # FLCGC032737
Doing business since 1985


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